10 Secrets to Winning More Greyhound Races


It doesn’t make any difference what your ability level is. It doesn’t make any difference what technique you us. In the event that you use programming or on the other hand assuming that you scratch on the program with a pencil, this recommendation will quickly assist you with beginning losing LESS and start winning MORE!

At the point when you play each race your benefit (or hindrance) changes with each race. You are parting your playing bankroll between races that you might enjoy a high benefit in with races that you might enjoy https://www.koobit.com/commonwealth-esports-championships-e6379 ZERO benefit in. STOP!

We should expect for instance that you have a playing financial plan of $100. On a normal 15 race card that gives you $6.66 per race. It’s my experience that you can seldom get a benefit on more than 2 or 3 races for each card. That is my normal and I am VERY GOOD at what I do. So we should expect you have a close to ZERO possibility on 12 of those races (it could be significantly more however I’ll be liberal in this model and expect you have an edge in 3 races). So you have 3 races you have a really advantage in. There you have an incredible lead on a victor. Furthermore, you likewise have incredible possibilities on a few optional sprinters which will permit you to play the exacta or trifecta at a sensible cost. We should look at a potential outcome.

Assessed advantage 25%. This is a made up advantage yet I believe it’s sensible and we want something to work with.

12 races played at $6.66 per race with NO benefit implies you lose $79.92

3 races played at $6.66 aggregates $19.98 played. With a 25% benefit implies $4.99 benefit.


+ 4.99


$24.97 rewards + unique bet



-$54.95 for a horrible day

Presently how about we play MY direction. Pick your BEST 3 races and play them. It doesn’t make any difference assuming you win 1,2 or every one of the 3 races. You realize that you enjoy a 25% benefit on your best races on the off chance that you ONLY play them

3 races played for a sum of $100.

25% benefit implies $25 benefit.

$125 for a triumphant day

As may be obvious… the math doesn’t lie. PLAY FEWER RACES!!! WIN MORE MONEY!!!


Do you have an arrangement? An arrangement in view of your bankroll, capacity, objectives? Indeed, even individuals who play club games where the house never loses can frequently ‘remain in the game’ seemingly forever by simply having an arrangement. In greyhound hustling the house doesn’t necessarily win. Indeed players do. So having an arrangement will put you light a very long time in front of different players. What kinds of things ought to be in your arrangement? The following are a couple


What amount might you at any point stand to play each month? Separate that by week, day and race. Then stay with this arrangement. Just play that sum per race and don’t change. Toward the start of the following month on the off chance that your bankroll has expanded, assess again by month, week, day, race and adhere to that plan once more.


Sort out what you specialize in. The stick with it. Try not to significantly improve at exacta’s then out of nowhere choose to play a superfecta one day. You have not demonstrated your superfecta methodology yet. Work on it. Also, meanwhile continue to play what you know best.

The more your arrangement is, the more your outcomes will be. Ensured.


I’m an expert. Playing greyhounds is my specialty. I actually play on paper. I for the most part play trifecta’s nevertheless I am continuously searching for ways of expanding my benefits. Right now I am investigating the benefit of playing exacta’s. So While I am playing with genuine cash to make my living, I likewise keep a running track of exacta’s on paper. When and in the event that I consider it productive I will start playing for genuine cash. They one thing I have learned throughout the long term… somebody who doesn’t have the discipline to play on paper, doesn’t have the discipline to be a productive player. What sort of player would you like to be?


So you run over a race with a beast key canine. You truly need to play a trifecta and pocket a lot of money!! There is one issue in this race. It is a course race and 4 of different greyhounds in this race have never run the course distance. So you attempt each method for canning to sort out how these 4 greyhounds will run in the race at this new distance. You make your play and your critical successes by a mile! Fantastic! However, you didn’t have the trifecta. Off by a long shot. Why? You played a race that you needed more data going to settle on a decent choice. Quit DOING THIS!


Each time I let a player know this they giggle at me. “On the off chance that I knew who the champs would have been with no questions I would be rich!” Obviously you can’t be aware with full confidence a greyhound will win. However, you CAN be aware on the off chance that you have a possible champ. Also, you ought to play that victor.

A few players take a gander at a race and their rationale resembles this…

In the event that the 1 breaks he could win. Assuming the 8 gets to the rail he could win. Assuming the 5 gets behind the 1 preceding the turn he will pass in the stretch and win. SO I ought to play a 185 on top with yakkity yak. THEY DON”T understand what canine will win in this situation! They SHOULD not be playing this race.

SIX: KEEP RECORDS… Continuously

How much cash did you lose playing greyhounds last year? What amount did you win? You don’t have any idea?


Also, every player who wins knows EXACTLY the amount they won or lost last week, last month, last year and quite a while back.

Without records you CAN NOT be aware assuming that you are improving, more regrettable or the equivalent.

Record each race you play in a bookkeeping sheet. Record how you played it, for how much and what the outcome was. Do this each time you play.

The ONLY way you will each understand what works for yourself and what doesn’t work is by having records.



There are a few spots to play greyhounds on the web. Some of them give you a refund on each dollar you bet. Some of them don’t. As a matter of fact, the biggest web-based ADW webpage doesn’t give you anything for your business.

I get 14% of each and every dollar I bet back! They store it straightforwardly into my record the following day… consistently.

In the event that I have a month where I have a 60% ROI on my bets… it is really a 74% ROI as a result of the refund.

On the off chance that you are a make back the initial investment player… you could really be a triumphant player. By simply earning back the original investment on your bets, you could really be making 14% on your activity. That is superior to any CD rate you will get by placing your cash in a bank.



So you lost all of your cash by race 12. Yet, in the event that you store another $50 or go to the ATM at the track and get another $40, you could wager it on race 14 and WIN!


You lost today. You played the races you enjoyed the best benefit in on the grounds that you had an arrangement (recall tip #2?)

In the event that you have an arrangement and you become bankrupt today, stop. Your day is finished. The main thing you will do by pursuing misfortunes is get a more profound opening to get out from underneath. Keep the opening shallow. That is your absolute best to win.


Each player (counting myself) has said this, “I emerged about even.” When I initially began betting it appears I earned back the original investment consistently, consistently for around 5 years. Truly, when I think back and attempt to include my genuine outcomes I lost huge number of dollars.

Assuming you are a triumphant player yet you have a life partner that doesn’t comprehend fluctuation and swings then it very well might be OK to tell him/her that you equaled the initial investment just to maintain order. However, when you persuade yourself that you are continuously making back the initial investment then you are bamboozling yourself out of the real world. This reality will drive you to improve, find out more, study, invest more effort not entirely set in stone to win.

I characteristic my prosperity to just assurance. Throughout the long term I have worked with many individuals to assist them with becoming victors. The most compelling thing they need to comprehend is that you can’t turn into a triumphant player in seven days. Sorry! It won’t work out.

The “best” of anything requires work. Furthermore, turning into a triumphant card shark requires significantly more than most callings. Besides the fact that you need to get the expertise expected to win, you have a large group of mental issues to over come. After almost twenty years of being a triumphant player I actually need to fight the mental part of the game. Streaks occur in the two bearings. Winning and losing. I’m not some sort of betting god when I’m on an unbelievable series of wins and I’m not a terrible player on a lengthy long string of failures.

What I am… continuously… is straightforward with myself. I keep records and survey my play. Am I the explanation I am losing more than assumption or is this basic variety? These things I should continuously be aware as a player.

Be straightforward with yourself about how great you are playing. Endeavor to move along.


Quite possibly of the greatest step I followed on my way to turning into a triumphant player was getting to know somebody who previously was a victor. LJ was his name. He showed me such a great amount about the game. I will everlastingly recall him. LJ happened to his compensation in 2006 yet the effect he made on my life is on going.

In the event that you go to the track, everybody there is a victor. Simply ask them. It is odd the way that everybody can win however when it is a lose situation. In a shared framework like greyhound dashing, somebody should lose for another person to win. So I’m not advising you to watch the showy, windbag boasters at the track for direction. I’m advising you to track down a real winning player to assist with tutoring you. It will set aside you such a lot of money, time and disturbance over the long haul.

We assist with peopling become winning players at Greyhound Track Tips. In the event that I can assist you with satisfying feel free to!

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